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Hindutva Rally causes a stir near Sydney’s Glenwood Gurdwara

The Australian Sikh Association Limited (ASA), the management body of the Glenwood Gurudwara said that the vigilant actions by NSW Police helped them foil what they believe was an attempt to “provoke and disrupt services” attended by thousands of worshippers on Sunday.

“We understand that the mobsters were proceeding towards Glenwood after a protest rally in Parramatta with the Indian national flag and shouting religious slogans,” he said.

“The timing of this coincided with the Sunday congregation, and it is understood that those involved intended to disrupt the service and damage the building.”

Some Indian activists organised rally in support of farm laws in Sydney, Australia on Sunday. Songs were also played during this rally

Australian Sikh Association Limited (ASA), management body of the Glenwood Gurdwara has thanked “NSW Police for their prompt and efficient response without which this could have turned into an ugly incident, in turn tarnishing the image of the peaceful Indian diaspora”

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