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The vaccine that Modi and Godi Media gloating is not approved in Canada yet

The vaccine that Modi is gloating about is not even approved in Canada yet & looking at the record, it seems it might even fail to get an approval.

Press Note by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau – Today, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi.

The two leaders had an exchange on their respective efforts to fight the COVID-19 pandemic, protect the health and safety of their people, and provide economic support for their citizens. Prime Minister Trudeau and Prime Minister Modi spoke about India’s significant efforts in promoting vaccine production and supply, which have provided vital support to countries around the world. The two leaders agreed to work together on access to vaccines. The leaders also recognized the need for continued global coordination to respond to the pandemic and to promote recovery.

The two prime ministers reaffirmed their common interests in a free and open Indo-Pacific, and the importance of working together on global challenges such as climate change, strengthening global trade, and reinforcing the rules-based international order. The leaders discussed Canada and India’s commitment to democratic principles, recent protests, and the importance of resolving issues through dialogue. They underlined the need to work collectively in rebuilding a more sustainable and resilient global economy.

The leaders underscored the importance of the Canada-India strategic partnership anchored in shared values, strong people-to-people ties, and growing bilateral economic cooperation. The two leaders looked forward to working together at the G7, G20, and other international forums.

How much lying is too much lying for @republic & the Indian Govt? Of course Sanghis get pleasure from a white man’s approval but they get super orgasms thinking about a white man’s subservience.

They forget there’s a whole world out there which gets info from credible sources.

Modi is propagating a lie that on their Feb 10th call, Trudeau begged him for the vaccine.

The reality is that on 23rd Jan, India sent an application to Health Canada to get their vaccine approved in Canada.

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