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Indian Association wants Rihanna arrested and Requests The US To Deport Her To India

An Association of India which goes by the name “The Social Umbrella Foundation” is calling for Rihanna’s arrest and requesting that the US deport her to India after she tweeted about the Farmer’s Protest.


The huge efforts made of India and its agencies shows how much they would like to cover up there human rights atrocities, here the Social umbrella foundation are demanding USA send @rihanna
to India to face trial

An Indian Foundation Files FIR Against Rihanna.. Requests The US To Deport Her To India

The Indian government’s efforts to clamp down on social media and Internet activity related to the months-long farmer protests against pro-market agricultural reforms have extended to Twitter, which on Wednesday blocked hundreds of Twitter accounts in India on government orders.

The account restrictions are the latest development in a standoff between Twitter and the Indian government that began at the start of the month over tweets related to the protests.

According to Twitter, India’s Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology sent Twitter “several separate blocking orders” over the past 10 days to restrict content under India’s Information Technology Act, passed in 2000, which gives the government power to cut off public access to information on the Internet for reasons of national security.

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