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Now Biden will be labeled a Khalistani by India and Godi Media?

How many times would the Modi Govt follow the same script & get away with it?

It’s not about these activists alone, tomorrow you or your loved one will be picked under the same law, without proof, without trial & you won’t have anywhere to go.

Speak up now or shut up forever.

U.S. President Joe Biden shared his stance on “democratic norms” with Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his first call since inauguration.

The discussion comes as thousands of farmers continue to protest outside of India’s capital in response to three hastily passed agricultural reforms, which they argue would adversely impact them. More than a hundred demonstrators have died while encamped in makeshift communities for months alongside Delhi’s borders, braving both the elements and state sponsored violence.

Activists and journalists have been arrested and had their social media accounts suspended. There have been serious allegations of violence and sexual abuse against dissidents while in custody. The internet has also been shut down in parts of Haryana and Delhi.
Is Biden a Khalistani too now, just like Trudeau, interfering in our internal affairs?

Sikhs from Punjab have been the face of the agitation, however Muslims, Hindus and others from across India have joined the demonstration since it began last Fall.

New York based Sikh Coalition wrote to Biden twice, urging him to condemn the violence, monitor retaliation against protestors and journalists, and hold government officials accountable for widespread human rights violations.

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