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BJP IT cell insults Langar

On Diljit Dosanjh’s birthday, on Jan 6 or 7, they made ‘Happy Birthday Khalistani Kutte’ India’s top trend on Twitter by cleverly co-ordinated game of retweeting. His crime – he shut up Kangna Ranaut and donated 1 crore for warm clothing for farmers. He never, once, called for Khalistan and he has one home in Mumbai-lest anyone forgets. He is Forbes’ #39 in celebrity power list. We ignored.

4-5 days ago, they trended – ‘Replace movie names with langar’ and mocked it. Langar is essentially community service in Sikhism which means free kitchen for all. It served migrants going on foot during the lockdown recently and COVID warriors. After Gujarat earthquake of Bhuj, Golden Temple air lifted boxes of free food, essentially langar, how many – we lost count, for earthquake victims for a month or so. The same happened in Tsunami of 2006. And in all the wars.

Then of course, they recently trended #repeat1984, a moment subverted by Rakesh Tikait against Modi-Shah-Yogi’s macabre plans. As someone said, to leave Takait alone was an order which either Modi or Shah must have given themselves, because you touch Tikait, and Jats would have pulled Yogi out of his hiding. BJP is nothing without Jats in Western UP.

All Godi Media was invited to witness it.

That moment which Takait averted with his refusal to leave ground. There were only old people sitting at the Ghazipur!

Shame on andh-bhakts!
Repeating 1984 in Ghazipur would have meant Punjab reacting vio lently at the border in a very sensitive time in North-east and Ladakh. What all and what else do you need to see through this good for nothing divisive regime, Modi bhakts?


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