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2 more protesting farmers die at Tikri border; count rises to over 50

Two more farmers protesting against the Centre’s three agri laws reportedly died at Tikri border on Saturday night.
The two farmers were from Bathinda (Punjab) and Jind (Haryana). The cause of death is reported to be a cardiac arrest.As many as 13 protesters have so far lost their lives at Tikri border. Of the 13, 11 died due to cardiac arrest.So far, more than 50 farmers have died while protesting against the farm laws at the Delhi borders.

In the first 15 days, as many as 15 farmers died either owing to cold weather conditions or accidents.Since then, the number of casualties has been continuously increasing. As per a list released by the Sanjyutka Kisan Morcha on December 16, a total of 30 farmers died during the protest. Since then, more than 20 succumbed to either accidents or health issues.

The 32 farmer organisations had given the ‘Delhi Chalo’ call for November 26 and 27. Following a massive response from Punjab, a large number of farmers from other parts of the country also reached the capital borders.

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