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The close associate of Indian PM: Gautam Adani, owner of Adani group

Let us shed some light on the views of Australias towards Gautam Adani who has expanded his empire by 121% since Narinder Modi has come into power. Adani who is insisting Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, not to withdraw the anti-farmer bills. Ten years ago, Adani bought a license to establish the largest coal mine in Australian history, and to this day, he has not been able to dig even an inch of Australia. He was so strongly opposed in Australia that he was denied loans by 40 of the world’s largest banks and refused insurance by several large companies. Although the Queensland government and the Australian government have paved the way for him, but the banks and insurance companies rejected Adani in a pro-people decision. This was possible only because of the people’s power. Even if Adani succeeds in starting this mine in the future, the people of Australia have so far kept his smoke out of Australia.

I have been a part of this ‘ Stop Adani ’ campaign for a long time and the way the people of Australia have run this campaign, is detailed on the the campaign website https: // www. stopadani. com. If you want to read facts about Adani and his associates, they are listed on a website called adanifiles. com. au. Let me also tell you that according to a published survey, 74.6 per cent people in Australia are against Adani.
Now, if a loan for this coal mine is made available, it will be sanctioned by the State Bank of India, thanks to Adani’s close friend Prime Minister Modi, who will be indirectly funding Adani through Indian taxpayers.
A short film about the fight to stop Adani’s coal mining and to solve the climate crisis—- “People Power Vs Adani – The Fight of Our Times” has been produced by Stop Adani’s team and will be premiered on the STOP ADANI Facebook page on December 15 at 5 pm Australian time. This team have made people aware of Adani’s wrongdoings by making short films from time to time.

Adani has also deliberately complicated and blurred its corporate arrangements in Australia. There are 26 companies of the Adani Group registered here, 13 of which are indirectly owned by Adani through ‘Cayman Islands’. An organization called “Environmental Justice Australia” have also published a report on Adani’s activities. If you are interested in finding out about Adani, this report clearly describes the various crimes of the Adani group or for whom the Adani group is guilty of or the charges against Adani group. I am posting the link of this document in the comments for your information.
Now my question to those Australian devotees of Modi is, what are your thoughts on Adani who is very close to your favorite leader? Adani is opposed by three-quarters of Australia’s population. Remember, this is the same Adani who has led to the implementation of anti-farmer bills in India so that he can manipulate agricultural products and allied industries under his corporation. I hope that you will think by taking off the veil of devotion and look into the facts.
(Navjot Singh Kailay, Melbourne, Australia, Email: [email protected])

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