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Who has financed the Punjab Kisans?

The “Lutyens elite” a term used largely for the deracinated Indian elite ,residing in the Indian capital which includes the ruling BJP,Liberals ,Pliant Editors ,Crony capitalists and alike are busy inventing conspiracy theories to explain as to how such a sophisticated ,well trained operation by lakhs of Punjabi farmers was executed .

One perplexing conundrum for them is how such an agitation which involves lakhs of people with thousands of tractor trollies and full logistical support despite formidable state obstacles could be possible . “Khalistani” ,”Pakistani” or “Congressi” money must be involved is their reasoning because in their imagination and experience no one could challenge the BJP machine on ground in this capitalist age when everything is for sale from MLA’s to Contracts and from Media to People .How come “small men” on Big tractors whom no one has heard of like Ughrahan ,Kadian or Gurnam Singh and lakhs like them challenge a wannabe “super power” in its own capital with swagger and aggression .

What this arrogant ,blase and obsequious elite has failed to appreciate is the distinct history,tradition and ethos of a proud region and community which is feeling betrayed by an ungrateful “nation”for its crude attempt to destroy its “way of life “ .It is almost total mobilisation of a state now allied with its former estranged brother state which has thrown the gauntlet at Delhi .

It is the memory of its history —the long line of heroes glorified in folklore and revered in Ardas .It is the pain of its many wounds .It is the fear of the latest assault “They want my land” .It is the anger at an arrogant centre .All these powerful emotions have motivated lakhs of farmers for “Delhi Chalo” .This is not a hired crowd brought by money and liquor as is common in BJP / Congress/Akali rallies.

Farmers have mobilised supplies,food,fuel and money from their own rural communities and Bhaicharas .They don’t depend upon friendly Corporates to supply them .

Gurudwaras and Langars which are in every nook and corner of Punjab have sustained the movement and provided crucial logistic support .The same is now being provided in Delhi .Local communities provided langar in Haryana on the way .Many charities ,mosques etc are also providing food ,blankets etc to agitators.

There is no “pliant media” or paid advertorials at the disposal of Kisans .They have their own social media pages and a burgeoning local media industry has come up both in Punjab and among NRI’s which has covered the agitation and travelled with farmers to provide the perspective and narrative of Punjab .An army of Punjabi diaspora and locals have provided constant covering fire in the “battle of narratives “ on Twitter,Facebook and other media with BJP IT trolls .

The tractors and trolleys are owned by the farmers and the fuel was largely pooled or provided as “Sewa” .This is routine in a state noted for its community wise tractor -trolley pilgrimages to Anadpur Sahib at Holla Mohalla ,Mukatsars Maghi or Shahidi Jor Mela at Fatehgarh Sahib .

This in brief is the revenue stream of the Kisan agitation .Those at “Dalal street” please note .
By Harjeshwar Pal Singh

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