Sikh Community in Norwich Concerned Over Disinformation


Sikhs in Norwich say they are concerned after messages containing disinformation were spotted in the city earlier this month. Norwich police, alongside the FBI, are investigating.

The messages were on a digital message board attached to a truck that was seen driving throughout Norwich.

According to Swaranjit Singh Khalsa, a leader in the local Sikh community and a Norwich city councilor, the messages contained disinformation targeted at Sikhs.

“Disinformation is one concern, but the major concern is that it can excite hate crimes and we should do everything and anything to prevent hate crimes,” Khalsa said.

The rotating digital board contained several messages including one that said, “Mayor Peter Nystrom, deal with the extreme poverty in Norwich. Stop promoting Pakistan sponsored Khalistan ter+rori+sts.”

“Targeting the community with certain disinformation – when people see images with words like ‘terrorism’…this is not healthy messaging that should be out there,” Khalsa said.

One of the trucks was seen outside The Royal Punjabi restaurant in downtown Norwich.

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