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Indian Embassy Collecting Data on Sikhs in Germany Raises Doubts

A thread on Twitter, on Wednesday, 21 October, shared a series of screenshots of an email by the Indian consulate in Hamburg asking an association to collect data on Sikh diaspora in Germany on “high priority”.

The email read, “The Ministry is in the process of compiling the data of Sikh diaspora residing in Germany. You are kindly requested to compile a list with the names and address of Sikhs living in your area for onward transmission to the Ministry. We would appreciate if you could accord High priority to the above list and email the same to us latest by 21 October 2020.”

Madan Lal Raigar, Consul General of Hamburg, confirmed to The Quint that the email was indeed sent by the embassy but the intentions were not to create any suspicion.

Dr. Ritumbra Manuvie, a researcher at Groningen, in a thread of tweets questioned the Consulate’s move to collect data without the consent of the people concerned.

She wrote, “Why is the information on Sikh diaspora being collected without a proper ‘consent’ of those whose information is being collected? Why have the CGI not invited the Sikh diaspora to furnish their information instead of asking others to collect a list of names and address?”

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