UK MP Questions UK and India Involvement in Jaggi Johal Case

Westminster Hall Debate – British nationals imprisoned abroad.

Tuesday 13 March 4-430
Given the much-publicised recent case of Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, the issue of British nationals being detained abroad has been rightly highlighted. As Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Sikhs, I have been working closely with Martin Docherty-Hughes MP on the case of Jagtar Singh Johal, a British national detained in India without charge for what will have been 130 days come the debate. Jagtar’s access to medical and legal services has been severely restricted, and there have been allegations of torture made against the Indian authorities, but still there has been no progress in his case.

I have called for this debate today to maintain pressure on both the Indian and British Governments regarding Jagtar’s case, to raise the issue of other British nationals being held abroad, and to show the difficulties faced, be they judicial, diplomatic or logistical, by those detained. Finally, I believe it is important to highlight the vital work carried out by NGOs who support individuals detained abroad and their families

Preet K Gill MP

126 Days In Detention Without Charge

Jaggi has been detained since 4 November 2017 by the agencies of India. Wild accusations have been made against Jaggi without any proof. India has already declared Jaggi as being guilty without any charge being filed or any trial taking place. There is no sense of democracy or the right to a fair trial being shown towards Jaggi.

Amnesty International has on multiple occasions declared India as unsafe for activists. Jaggi was raising awareness on the Sikh genocide and this has offended India as they continue to punish those who highlight the crimes committed by India against minorities. India has also a track record of punishing minorities and this combined with Jaggi’s activism has made him a target.

Joining this campaign and highlighting India’s behaviour towards activists and minorities has not gone unnoticed by the world as UK prepares for the visit of PM Modi in mid-April. We will not let Jaggi’s voice be silenced and will continue fighting for Jaggi’s rights.

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