BREAKING: Jaggi Johal Is Going To Be Tortured By Punjab Police Again

The “elite” investigative agency of India, the NIA have turned up no evidence against Jaggi Johal since taking custody of him in the middle of December. THe agency showed their true colours when they applied for additional 90 day extension to apply a charge sheet against the Scottish born Sikh. Now, in an attempt to shift the focus back on the Punjab police (the same agency who physically tortured Johal), a new “case” seen the NRI being taken into police remand for 4 days today.

It has been reported the police sought 10 days and were granted 4 as they took him into custody in Amritsar. THe Indian judicial system has played a major part in this conspiracy as they continue to grant the agencies remand for the same reasons as in previous cases. There appears to be no actual investigation going on and their aim is to merely interrupt and torture the foreign citizen.

Update from Jaggi’s 28th Police Custody Remand Hearing.

Today seen Jaggi being taken out of Nabha prison and being presented in Faridkot in front of Atul Kamboj on a new “case”. This case has been presented by Punjab police despite Jaggi being handed over to the “elite” investigative agency which is the NIA. It appears the NIA are at their wit’s end and have realised there is nothing against Jaggi and Punjab police are well-known for fabricating charges and evidence.

The hearing today seen the police asking for 10 days of police remand, this was reduced to 4 days by the judge. This has seen Jaggi being taken to Amritsar for his remand period. This is a another attempt by both agencies to come together and come up with a new plan to plant a charge on Jaggi and to save face in front of the entire world. The transfer of Jaggi to the NIA was due to the Punjab police being unable to professionally carry out the investigations and having a poor track record when it comes to Human Rights. However, it appears the judges are not taking the safety and wellbeing of Jaggi into consideration as they allow him to be “kicked” from one agency back to the other when it pleases them.

Jaggi will be represented in court on 24 February 2018 which will be his 29th pre-trial hearing and will be his 113th day in detention without charge.


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