107 days in detention without charge for Jaggi

On 7 November 2017, the Chief Minister of Punjab went on record and announced to the world Punjab Police had managed to solve the “target killings” which even the major investigative agencies have not been able to solve for over 2 years. Jaggi was held at undisclosed location where he was physically tortured for 4 consecutive days, the basis of this detention was F.I.R 193/16. This F.I.R was the basis for extended periods of police remand whilst Jaggi was detained at Bagha Purana. No lawyers were able to meet Jaggi until 14 November 2017, at which point he informed lawyers of the physical he endured at the hands of Punjab Police.

The F.I.R that was basis of Jaggi’s arrest does not mention of Jaggi’s name or any description of any alleged suspect. Jaggi was detained illegally and under false pretence, the F.I.R was that used to justify Jaggi’s detention and torture provided no basis for his detention.

The Chief Minister of Punjab claimed to have evidence which showed Jaggi’s involvement in alleged crimes. To date, there has been no evidence presented in court. The agencies of India are now working together to create false charges in order to cover their tracks. This is part of a larger conspiracy, started by the Indian Government in 1984, and they have attempted every possible option to silence those that speak out against atrocities committed against Sikhs in India.

Jaggi is a Scottish Sikh and Human Rights Activist who has been made a scapegoat by the Indian government to deter others from speaking out. They are deliebrately delaying the legal process and interfering at every given opportunity. There has been no due process or transparency in the process as the India government have failed to reply to diplomatic communications from the British government asking them to investigate the allegations of torture and mistreatment. The Indian government and its agencies seem intent on covering up their abuses of process and human rights.


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