Life of Punjab’s Wedding Dancers Full of Sexual Abuse and Torture

Over the past 15 years, the Punjab’s wedding dancing groups have grown exponentially particularly due to high demand from NRIs. The dancing groups have mostly girls which come from very poor households. The NRIs have fed the monster which grew to not only sexually abuse the female dancers but brought them into taking drugs and acting as prostitutes.

A recent short film named “Kathputli” has shed light on the massive exploitation of the girls in the dancing industry.

The girls have limited choices in gaining employment in other sectors as jobs are primarily dominated by men. Many girls looking to keep the food on the table end up becoming dancers for the groups which perform on weddings.

The girls frequently become victims of rape and sexual exploitation at the weddings which largely go unnoticed. Reports have revealed the girls are offered money for sex at the weddings by guests attending. Despite disapproval by the girls themselves, the organizer or leader of the group forces the girls to have sex with different men. Many girls at the weddings become victims of sexual slurs and name calling.

A recent report has revealed that the girls are abusers of banned drugs as their work is very demanding.

Poor financial conditions in the women’s households leads the girls to do occupations they would otherwise ignore.
Organizers of the events get fed by greed of people throwing money in the air if their dancers are able to please the crowds.
The crowds wait anxiously to see the female dancers at weddings. In many weddings, guests appear to go unhappy if the wedding didn’t feature good dancers.
The girls are fed drugs and alcohol to keep them in the “mood” or get them to continuously dance despite being tired.
The drunk uncles at the weddings have their notes ready to throw at the girls .

The women who are often under pressure by the organizers do things against their will such as drinking alcohol so that they can’t be impacted by the abuse at the weddings.
Drunk Punjabi boys at the weddings grope and sexually abuse the women right on the stage. The girls are told to ignore this and continue dancing. The terrible Punjabi culture of throwing money in the air has led to the growth of this epidemic.

The NRI Punjabis feed the monster by showing off the weddings by contributing lakhs in money.
Girls get sexually assaulted right on the stage and everyone ignores it because their “respect” in the females is very low. They assume that the girls are just dancers and it isn’t a big deal to abuse them

Via Daily Sikh Updates

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