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Dilpreet Dhillon and Aamber Dhaliwal Split – What Lawyer Says

Dilpreet Dhillon and Aamber Dhaliwal have spilt after Dilpreet Dhillon was reportedly found cheating on his wife. The couple was often seen posting pictures on social media. The couple got married in 2018. Dilpreet Dhillon’s wife has deleted all the pictures with Dilpreet from her Instagram account. She has even changed her username to Aamber Dhaliwal, which was earlier Aamber Dhillon. She also recently posted a selfie on Instagram and she mentioned in the post that trust is fiction.

Recently, a call recording also went viral on social media where Aamber was allegedly having a conversation with a girl. The young girl admitted that the Dilpreet Dhillon has been in a relationship with her. During the course of this conversation, Aamber informed the girl that she has broken off her marriage for the same reason.

Reportedly, Dilpreet Dhillon recently shared a story on social media where he mentioned that every relationship has its own problems and misunderstandings. Dilpreet also wrote that “I appeal to everyone for letting this stay a private affair”. As per reports, Dilpreet also said that everything that is happening is a misunderstanding between him and his wife. He also added that he will let his fans know if his relationship gets sorted. Due to the lockdown, both the couple are also not able to meet each other.

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