Richmond RCMP seek additional victims of sex crimes suspect

Richmond police have released the image of a sex crimes suspect in the hope that other victims may recognize the man and be willing to speak to investigators.

Satvir Singh Sanghera, a 49-year-old Richmond resident, was charged last month on counts related to sex crimes against vulnerable women and sex workers.

Richmond RCMP are asking anyone who recognizes Sanghera or who may have information about him to contact investigators.

“We acknowledge that persons in the community may be very sensitive to seeing the image of Mr. Sanghera,” said Cpl. Dennis Hwang in a statement.

Hwang said anyone triggered by Sanghera’s image or who has not yet sought victim services support should contact Richmond RCMP as professional help and counselling is available.

“With the release of Mr. Sanghera’s photo, we are hoping that additional tips or victims will surface,” said Hwang.

Several victims have already come forward in the investigation into Sanghera, which began in August 2018. Police announced last month that 14 charges had been approved against him.

The Richmond man faces charges including sexual assault, administering a noxious substance, assault, theft, fraud, obtaining sexual services for consideration, transmitting intimate images of a person without consent and possession of child pornography.

Police say the charges are linked to events that took place a number of years ago and alleged that Sanghera targets vulnerable women and sex workers.

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