New Slogan of Hindus- Hindu Ka Hai Hindustan, Dalle Jao Pakistan

Songs with ‘loaded’ lyrics, mostly in the local dialects of Uttar Pradesh, have flooded the social media even as the Supreme Court verdict in the Ayodhya dispute is likely to be delivered this month.

Many of the other artistes, however, describe themselves as ‘Hinduvadi (Hindutva) singers’. At least two dozen such songs have been uploaded in the last one month.

Although the administration claims to have monitored social media platforms to check hateful posts, a lot of these songs are still on the internet and have many viewers ranging from thousands to lakhs (up to nearly a million in some cases).

One such song goes: ‘Hua surakshit faisla/ Sirf sunana Baaki hai/ Mathura Kashi baaki hai/Ayodhya to bas jhaanki hai’

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