Shehnaz Gill apologizes to Himanshi Khurana’s mother

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 13, Asim and Paras get into an argument. Shefali tells Arti that she is happy to see Paras’ real side as he nominated her. Paras goes to talk to Shefali and apologizes for nominating her. Khesari tells Shehnaz that Sidharth is short-tempered.

During lunch time, Arhaan and Sid get into an argument. Sid says that he does not know Arhaan and as he entered the house the latter said that he has come to solve problems between him, Arti and Rashami. Sid and Asim make fun of Arhaan.

Paras tells Shehnaz to seek an apology from Himanshi’s mother. Shehnaz faces the camera and seeks an apology for her mistakes. Paras tries to solve issues between Shehnaz and Himani.

Later, Shehnaz tells Paras that her bond with everyone has changed. Paras tells her that Sidharth knows that Himanshi is stronger than her, hence he removed her from the group. Shehnaz sits on her bed and cries inconsolably. She calls everyone selfish and says will also play in the same manner.

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