Lao Chakko Premi Nahi Talde

Over the years, the western most region of Haryana in Sirsa bordering Rajasthan and Punjab has assumed prominence in the polity of the state largely because of the presence of the ‘powerful’ Dera Sauda that holds sway over voters.

The controversial sect, led by its jailed Ram Rahim with its headquarters in the ancient town of Sirsa and crores of followers spread across several states, ironically, plays a decisive role in electoral politics in states of Haryana and Punjab. The beleaguered sect fraught with controversies is again flexing its muscles to support a party.

Indications are that the political wing of the Dera is likely to announce its tacit support for the ruling BJP. Political leaders in poll fray are vying support of the Dera followers.

The sect’s chief is currently serving a 20-year jail term for raping two of his disciples.

He will also undergo imprisonment for life at the end of his 20-year jail term for his involvement in killing a Sirsa-based journalist.

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