Hyderabad: Isro scientist killed by gay sex partner who blackmailed him for money

Isro scientist, who was found murdered in his apartment in Hyderabad on October 1, was killed by a man blackmailing him for money in exchange for gay sex.

The 56-year-old scientist Suresh Kumar, who was a technical expert at the National Remote Sensing Center, was used to live alone in his apartment as his family was settled in Chennai.

Following an investigation taken up by forming three teams and technical and forensic evidence, it was found that 39-year-old Janagama Srinivas, a Lab Technician of a private Pathology lab, was responsible for killing Suresh.

According to the investigation, Suresh was lonely and his economic condition was not that great either. Taking advantage of this, the accused Srinivas allegedly seduced him using the excuse of collecting blood.

The accused expected monetary favours in return for sex. As he did not get the expected amount of money, Srinivas hatched a plan to kill Suresh.

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