MP Sangha met Bar Assocation of Punjab and Haryana High Court

Chandigarh (Kulbir Singh Kalsi): Shri Ramesh Sangha, Member Parliament from Brampton, Ontario, Canada visited the Bar Association of Punjab and Haryana High Court at Chandigarh. He interacted with the President of the Bar Association Dr. Anmol Rattan Sidhu and exchanged his views with the Executive members of the Bar. On this occasion Ms. Puneeta Sethi V. President, Ravinder Randhawa Secretary and Vikas Cuccria Sr. Executive Member along with Adittional Advocate General Sandeep Vermani, Pawan Dewan Gen. Secy. PPCC, Balbir Atwal, Assistant Advocate General Rana Harjas were also present.

Mr. Sangha was facilitated by the Bar Association and was kind enough to extend a invitation to the Bar Association members to visit him as a Delegation, in the month of October 2017 to study their legal system and also visit the Parliament and Supreme Court of Canada. Dr. Sidhu has consented and soon the delegation will leave for Toronto consisting of 25 Delegates.

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