Viral Video – Indian Judge, family accused of domestic violence

A retired High court judge in Andhra Pradesh finds himself in the middle of a controversy following a video that has emerged showing him and his family members allegedly assaulting the daughter-in-law in presence of her children.

The CCTV footage apparently dates back to April 20 but was shared on Thursday on the social media and within hours went viral. The retired judge Nooty Ramamohana Rao and his son, Nooty Vashishta, are reportedly seen in the footage roughing up 30-year-old Sindhu Sharma even as one of her child tries desperately to rescue her. The family has denied the allegations.

In the clip, Vashishta was seen allegedly assaulting his wife after an argument in their living room and Rao was dragging Sharma to the couch as Vashishta pushed her and both hit her repeatedly
Sindhu tries to leave but is dragged back to the couch and assaulted again.

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