Hukam Chand apologizes for comments against Punjabi

Urdu poet Sardar Panchi and Hindi writer Hukam Chand Rajpal, both of whom had allegedly made objectionable comments against Punjabi language during Hindi Diwas at Bhasha Vibhag in Patiala last week, apologized on Tuesday for hurting sentiments of Punjabi language lovers.

Sardar Panchi and Hukam Chand Rajpal both wrote letters of apology for their comments.

“Before turning towards the Urdu and Hindi literature, I was highly influenced by power, potential, communication and sincerity of the Punjabi language during my journey from my birthplace of Tikhi Virkan (Pakistan) till here. I will always grateful to the Punjabi writers, organisations and Institutions for giving me recognition,” Panchi wrote in an open letter and apologised for hurting sentiments of people, especially Punjabi language-lovers and the Punjabi writers.

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