Jagmeet Singh may emerge as Canada’s kingmaker

As the 2019 federal election’s first leaders’ debate kicked off on Thursday evening, Canadians were expecting the leaders’ to come prepared with witty remarks, scathing criticisms, and fierce comebacks.

With Justin Trudeau noticeably absent, and Andrew Scheer, Elizabeth May and Jagmeet Singh left to take part in the Maclean’s/CITY TV debate without him, things got pretty heated, pretty quickly. While there were ‘ouch!’ moments all around, it was Jagmeet Singh who managed to pack the most devastating punches in, and Canadians were loving it!

The Canadian PM debate saw the Green, Conservative, and NDP party candidates for PM debate on the national stage. Jagmeet Singh was declared the winner of the debate by several news outlets along with people on social media.

Here are some key moments from the debate:

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