Jagmeet Singh´s Bhangra Video goes Viral

As Liberals and Conservatives prepare to launch their well-funded election machines to fight for the highest political office in the land, federal New Democrats are taking a much less ambitious approach: try to outperform lowered expectations.

The party will run a national campaign, with promising a full roster of 338 candidates. But with fewer resources than its two main political rivals, the plan is to be more targeted in areas where the NDP can get the best bang for its buck.

“I think it just means being more focused, more strategic, more effective,” says Jennifer Howard, the party’s campaign director.

“We will be making some choices where we will be focusing our resources more.”

Planes and buses will be used to tour NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh all around the country. Areas with key candidates or where the party believes it has the best opportunity to win seats will be the primary focus, however.

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