Elly Mangat Vs Rami Randhawa Vs Vadda Grewal

Police on Tuesday booked three Punjabi singers for allegedly threatening each other on social media.
Police said Rami Randhawa and Prince Randhawa – also known as Randhawa brothers – and Harkirat Singh Mangat, alias Elly Mangat, had been threatening each other over a petty issue for the past few days. Both the parties took it to social media and decided to gather at Purab Premium Apartments on September 11.
The case was registered under sections 294, 504 and 506 of the Indian Penal Code and 67 of the Information Technology Act, 2000.

Earlier in the day, police arrested Rami Randhawa from his house in Purab Apartments in Mohali’s Sector 88.
Both the parties had been telling their fans to gather at the location with weapons. Randhawa brothers and Elly Mangat had repeatedly uploaded videos on social media accusing each other.
A senior police officer, when contacted, said it could be a publicity stunt by the singers. “Still, as a precautionary measure, we decided to book these singers. Just in case, there is trouble whenever they are claiming to have a face-off,” said the officer.

According to police, Harkirat, who currently resides in Canada and is apparently arriving on Wednesday, will also be arrested .
Sohana station house officer inspector Rajesh Hastir said, “We will also arrest the two other miscreants as soon as possible. We have booked three of them as they were verbally abusing and threatening each other.”

Meanwhile, police, after taking Rami Randhawa into custody, have beefed up security at Purab Premium Apartments. Police force was deployed within the premises to prevent any mishap on Wednesday. police checked both Rami’s SUVs, but recovered nothing.
Rami Randhawa uploaded five videos on Monday in which he could be seen along with his friends at Purab Premium Apartments, with all of them claiming that they are waiting for Elly to come. The latter posted a photo on social media in which he claims he will come to Sector 88 on September 11.

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