See what Vadda Grewal Says in this video

Amid Social media spat going on between Randhawa Brothers ( Rami Randhawa adn Prince Randhawa) and Elly Mangat. Now latest controversy started with Vadda Grewal. Vadda Grewal’s Video also goes Viral on Randhawa Brothers.

Its notable Vadda Grewal know for his song Game changerz. Punjabi song ‘High Thoughts’ sung by ‘Rammy Gill Ft. Vadda Grewal’. Music of song High Thoughts by singer Rammy Gill Ft. Vadda Grewal is given by Game Changerz.

Lyrics of High Thoughts song are written by Vadda Grewal. To know more about the ‘Rammy Gill Ft. Vadda Grewal’s’ song ‘High Thoughts’, enjoy the video. Stay tuned to Etimes for more songs like High Thoughts. Check out Etimes Punjabi music videos section for more Punjabi songs and Rammy Gill Ft. Vadda Grewal songs.

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