Elly Mangat Vs Prince Randhawa

We often hear harsh lyrics in Punjabi songs which are targeted at someone from the industry itself. These lyrics are purposely written as a reply to a particular singer from the industry. Not a new thing now but thanks to social media, often such artists directly play the reply game which in a way amuses the fans and followers of both the parties, thus igniting a war of words in the comment thread.

In a recent video, we saw Punjabi singers Elly Mangat and Prince Randhawa exchanging taunts as replies to each other.

Earlier social media war break out between Elly Mangat and Singga.It all started when Singga referred to Elly Magat as ‘Chotta’ to which Elly said, “You don’t match up to my level ( Meri latt varga vi hai nahi )

Friends turning foes isn’t a new thing in Punjabi music industry. Elly Mangat got vocal and spoke about his concern when he was instigated. We hope such cold wars end soon.

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