Killer who choked British Sikh to death ‘relaxed by pool before going on the run

A martial artist who admitted strangling a British dad to death while on holiday in Thailand is feared to have gone on the run. Roger Bullman, 53, strangled Amitpal Singh Bajaj at a hotel as the British man tried to protect his family. He was granted bail over the incident, and was pictured sunbathing by a swimming pool before he was due to turn up in court. He didn’t appear for his hearing at Phuket Provincial Court this morning, and is feared to have gone on the run.

HIS lawyer asked the court for him to be allowed to remain on bail until September 8, but as he did not appear in person this was rejected and a warrant was issued for his arrest. Mr Bajaj’s family, from Southall, London, told the Daily Mail: ‘As the bereaved family of Amitpal Singh Bajaj, who was brutally strangled to death on Wednesday the 21st of August by Roger Bullman, we are angered, shocked, sad and bewildered by the extension of bail given to Bullman, who has failed to report to the courts as required today.

‘We are bewildered as to why the authorities allowed a self confessed killer to roam the streets of Phuket unguarded, where he could potentially pose a lethal threat to other innocent parties. ‘We also need to question his whereabouts, and if he is indeed still in Phuket or has absconded.’ Police reports say Bullman barged into Mr Bajaj’s room through a balcony after the British man complained about him singing loudly during the night. Mrs Bandhna Bajaj escaped with her son, two, and called hotel security who found Bullman still choking him. The investigation team said Bullman had not at this stage claimed he was acting in self defence.

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