Jagtar Singh Johal Discharged from Faridkoat Case

Jaggi appeared via video link for his 98th Pre-Trial Preliminary Hearing at Faridkot.

The charge sheet for this case was presented in March 2019 and arguments have been ongoing due to constant adjournmements by the Indian authorities.

After 4 months of ongoing hearings on arguments on the charges. Jaggi has been discharged from the case at Faridkhot. No trial will take place as a result of the discharge.

For clarification, Jaggi has been discharged from one of the 10 cases however there are another 9 ongoing cases. To do date, No evidence has been produced but one thing that has been consistent by the Indian authorities is the constant delaying tactics.

We are grateful for the continued support from around the world and the decision in this case, is a very positive decision for the other 9 ongoing cases.

Also, today the family in the UK have heard Jaggi’s voice for the second time since his abduction by the Indian authorities on 4th November 2017.

Further updates will follow in a video message from Jaggi’s brother.

Tomorrow, Thursday 25 July 2019 will see Jaggi face his 25th trial hearing at Bagha Purana court in Moga (Punjab). This is the only case which has been taken to trial in the time Jaggi has been detained and it is a far cry from the claims of the Indian government which claimed they had sufficient evidence to prosecute those charged.

To date this case has seen several dozen witnesses appear for cross examination and none of them have had any evidence to provide. Amongst the witnesses presented was a senior investigating officer who had no knowledge of Jaggi’s involvement in this case.

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