Shillong violence: Centre deploys additional paramilitary forces

As Meghalaya’s capital Shillong remained affected for the fourth day with fresh violence late on Sunday, the Union Home Ministry approved deployment of 10 additional paramilitary forces in the tension-hit areas, Ministry sources said on Monday.The Ministry took the decision considering the Meghalaya government’s demand for the deployment of additional central paramilitary forces.

Updates By Ajmer Singh Randhawa:
I just called Shillong and took updates on current situation there.
I am told that a bus driver molested the Sikh girl and when matter reported to Police, he begged pardon and the matter was mutually settled but late in the evening he brought his other colleagues and attacked the houses of Sikhs but soon the Sikhs gathered and retaliated bravely.
Police too was called which imposed curfew and there whole night to maintain law and order but suddenly at 6 am the police disappeared like DoDo. It seems that some high ups acted and ordered the police to remove from that locality.
Soon large number of Khasi people gathered and attacked the Gurudwara, tried to set ablaze but Sikh youths and women took whatever weapon they could and faced these miscreants. No casualty is reported but they saved the Gurudwara successfully and forced the miscreants to escape and save their lives.
Police was no where as we witnessed in 1984 in Delhi. The internet services cancelled and there was no source to send messages to the outer world. Somehow they called their relatives in Punjab and narrated their agony.
The strength of Sikh people is not high, roughly there are 600 to 700 families but they bravely encountered the local miscreants without any support of administration. When they found that the time had come to take a final decision to do or die, they took out swords and other weapons for self defense and than Khasi people couldn’t face them.
Soon the news was spread all over world and army is deployed now. It has been three nights Sikhs keeping a vigil whole night and fighting with these local miscreants. Sikh women too fighting with enemy and presenting the example of esteem valor.
We can’t be there but we must keep posting and demanding action against the miscreants and safety of our brothers settled far away from Punjab. Keep supporting by sharing each and every news, you get to aware others. It will also help to expose hidden agenda of govt agencies and the politicians who control the police.
Jathedar Akal Takhat Gurbachan singh also called and gave the same message to fight till last breath, don’t give up and I too passed the same by phone.
Ajmer Singh Randhawa

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