Deepak Kalal Accuses Rakhi Sawant Of 4 Crores Fraud

Recently, Rakhi Sawant got hitched in a private ceremony with NRI based businessman named Ritesh. The pictures went viral soon after, and the actress termed it as a bridal shoot initially but ended up revealing the truth afterward. Now, her ex-boyfriend, Deepak Kalal has accused her of fraud of 4 crores and Rakhi has reacted to it.

Deepak took to his Instagram to share a video where he can be heard saying, “Rakhi Sawant… ye mangalsutra dekh rahi hai aap? Yahi hai jot um mere gale me fasi thi and ye jo tumne chupke shaadi ki hai na, kya boli thi media ko.. ki mai Deepak Kalak ke sath shaadi karungi? Kitne rupaye liye the tumne mujhse? Pure 4 crore..kya kiya tune? Kha gayi?,” he said, further threatening her to return his money within 4 days or he would beat her on live video.

Posted in: India

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