Viral Video: Screaming Woman Rescues Snake Stuck In Beer Can

A Florida woman found herself in an unusual animal rescue operation recently when she freed a snake with its head stuck in a beer can. Rosa Fond was driving in Brooksville Thursday evening when she spotted the stranded snake on the side of a road, reports Fox News.
Ms Fond, who owns Humans and Animals United Rescue, is not a big fan of snakes and serpents, but she knew that she had to save it.

“I saw she was alive and started to panic but I knew I had to save her,” Fond told Fox News. “Anyone else would have probably killed her… I couldn’t let her be hurt.”

So she started recording on her cell phone as she attempted to free the snake, while her two dogs stood by and watched. The video, posted to Facebook, has now gone viral with over 16,000 views.

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