Modi accuses Cong of neglecting farmers

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses a ‘thanksgiving’ rally of farmers today, organised jointly by the SAD and the BJP in the wake of recent hike in MSP (Minimum Support Price) of Kharif crops.
Here are the highlights of PM Modi’s speech:
Punjab has always been known for its agriculture…India is proud of its farmers from Punjab
Not just Punjab, I salute the hard working farmers from all over the country… you have never been afraid of hard work
The farmer should have been the first to be uplifted, but for decades, you were ignored by the party that ruled India since independence
A party that only cares for its own benefits and its own comforts, they do not care for you. Never have, never will.
The farmer is our provider, the farmer is the soul of India. But the Congress only misused their power, manipulated and fooled you.
It was our government that fulfilled the promise of One Rank One Pension.
And now it is our government that has fulfilled the promise of MSP.
The Congress just made false promises and sat on it for decades. We made these possible in just 4 years.
The farmers of Punjab and Haryana will greatly benefit from this significant decision of MSP (Minimum Support Price). In some cases the MSP has been more than doubled.
Our farmer brothers can now breathe easy, they can earn better, they can sleep peacefully because of the MSP increase.
But you know what, because of this the Congress is having sleepless nights now. They never thought we could make this happen. No one in the Congress is daring to come out and speak because they know that did nothing for 70 years.

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