Punjab Police Planning On Encounter Killing Neeta Deol

The entire world knows Punjab police has no limitations and they will target anybody to ensure they close a case. The majority of cases in Punjab are declared as “solved” by framing innocents. We tend to see Sikh youths being framed for these cases as they attempt to silence the Sikh population. We are now being made aware of how Bagha Purana police officers operate. The police of Bagha Purana arrested a man named Beant Singh without a warrant, just as they did British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal. Both Beant and Jagtar were physically tortured by the officers and had threats made to their lives. We have now learned Neeta Deol who is detained in Nabha prison is being threatened with fake charges and been told he will be murdered in a police encounter. The police have also harassed the parents and wife of Neeta. The wife of Neeta received a phone call by Punjab police who informed her she should stop supporting her husband and she would be arrested and harassed at the airport when she arrives in India.

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