Exposed: Punjab Police Planning Another Encounter Killing

Punjab police are bringing back the days of fear as they continue to file fake charges agaisnt innocent Sikh youths. The police force are more interested in medals and awards than solving actual crimes. Neeta Deol who has been in Nabha jail has filed a petition saying his life is under threat from Punjab police. Neeta informed his lawyer his family is being threatened and harassed by police and they are being told to stop supporting their son, otherwise they will have fake charges filed against them. Neeta is also being subjected to threats whilst inside prison and has been informed he will be the recipient of the same fate as Vicky Gounder. This information has come to light from the mouth of a man named Beant Singh who was arrested in February 4 by Bagha Purana, Beant Singh was tortured and threatened in the same was as British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal and the torture was carried out by the same officers. BEant revealed he was told by the SHO of Bagha Purana he would have so many fake charges planted against him like Jagtar Singh Johal and he would never be released again.

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