UK defends secrecy of Operation Blue Star files

Senior civil servants from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) today gave evidence in a closed tribunal session to explain the reasons over some Cabinet Office files related to 1984’s Operation Blue Star not being made public over 30 years later.
A three-day hearing of the First Tier Tribunal(Information Rights) opened here, with a bulk of the session being held in secret as FCO officials explained their stand that the declassification of the files posed a threat to national security and international relations with India.

“It is quite unusual that we are not allowed to be part of our own appeal,” said a spokesperson for KRW Law, the human rights law firm that has undertaken the Freedom of Information (FOI) appeal on behalf of UK-based freelance journalist Phil Miller on a pro bono basis.

“Our understanding is that the BJP government of India has no objection to these files being made public. Yet, the British government continues to argue in favour of them remaining classified despite an overwhelming public interest in them,” the spokesperson said.

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