Calgary Gurdwara Committee cancelled invitation to MP Deepak Obhroi

Conservative MP Deepak Obhroi is in hot waters after his attempt to bring an anti Sikh motion in Canadian parliament.
Today is in hometown Calgary, speaking to a huge congregation at Gurdwara Dasmesh Cultural Society Calgary, president S. Ranbir Singh Parmar condemned deepak Obhrai’s attempt to defame Sikh Image in Canada and his motion in strong words.
Disappointed from his attempt, Gurdwara management committee cancelled his Invitation to Khalsa parade (Nagar kirtan) Calgary 2018. This is happened first in Calgary’s history, when gurdwara committee cancelled invitation to a Member of parliament.

Its notable The ruling Liberal Party also said it would continue to call for justice for the victims of anti-Sikh violence of November 1984. The issue of Canadian PM Justin Trudeau ‘s controversy-ridden weeklong India visit continues to simmer in the politics of the maple country.
Liberals have also reiterated that that they stand behind a united India, and condemn all forms of terrorism and extremism – in any community, in any part of the world.
“The Canadian Sikh community and Indo-Canadians have made immeasurable contributions to our national fabric. They should not be disrespected – or have their tragedies exploited – for the political gains of Andrew Scheer and the Conservative Party,” it added.

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