Topless activist disrupts Berlusconi vote in Italy

At Silvio Berlusconi’s voting station in Milan, a Femen activist bared her chest in front of the former premier and shouted, “time’s up” before being hauled away.
“She passed so quickly I didn’t get a chance to see her,” quipped Berlusconi, who has a history of being caught up in sex scandals.

Italians waited in long queues at polling booths on Sunday to vote in an election that could bring political gridlock after a campaign marked by anger over the listless economy, high unemployment and immigration.
Pollsters have predicted that former prime minister Berlusconi’s centre-right party and his far-right allies will emerge as the largest bloc in parliament but fall short of a majority.
Some polling stations remained closed in Palermo two hours into election day because the wrong ballots were delivered and 200,000 new ones had to be reprinted overnight. Similar ballot glitches were reported elsewhere, forcing the suspension of the vote in two towns in Alessandria.
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