Jaggi Johal To Be Presented By NIA Again, What Will India Now Do With Innocent SIkh Youth?

It will mark the 121st day in detention without charge for Jaggi. The judicial custody of Jaggi comes to an end and the Judge will decide how much longer Jaggi is to spend at Nabha jail.

The courts continue to allow Indian agencies to detain Jaggi as they have come up with no evidence since his illegal arrest. The Indian government continues to avoid answering questions put forward to them by the UK government.

To date:
No due process and transparency
No independent medical
No private consular access
No investigation of torture
No charges filed

MP of Jaggi continues questioning UK Government on what they are doing for their constituent. In a recent House of Commons debate, FCO Minister Field was answering questions on Freedom of Religion and Belief. Martin Docherty-Hughes MP raised the issue of Jaggi and his current situation in India where he has been subjected to physical torture and detained without charge for almost 4 months now.

Martin asked Minister Field if he would be questioning Prime Minister Modi when heads of the Commonwealth States meet in April. Martin raised the issue which minorities face in India, the largest democracy in the world. This is not only an issue for Sikh’s, as we hear the stats against Christians whom India wish to be free of by 2021.

The country of India is not safe for anybody belonging to a minority religion and the FCO must do better to ensure their safety and continue to ask questions of the Indian Government.

Human rights group Ensaaf and civil rights organisation Sikh Coalition discuss Jaggi’s case highlighting the injustice Jaggi is facing within the corrupt Indian judicial system.

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