Vardaat Singer booked over poster

Singer Rocky Bhatti was on Wednesday booked on charges of defacing public property and a poster of his new song — showing him and two others, one of them holding a gun — was taken down from near Government Ranbir College.
The lyrics of the song, written too by Bhatti, are, “Ho gayi vaardat, lagi 302 aa; vekhin kal wala akhbar khol ke (An incident has taken place and section 302 [murder charge] has been imposed; do read tomorrow’s newspaper.)”

So far, only Bhatti has been named and “will be arrested soon”, said senior superintendent of police Mandeep Singh Sidhu over the poster with “violent content”. Inspector Vinod Kumar, station house officer, said, “We will also probe the producers, and more persons can be booked, including those seen in the poster.” The poster features photos of seven other men
The Punjabi song refrain ‘Baaki jo hunda hai ho jave, veere gaal ni kadni’ (No matter what happens brother, but you will not use an expletive) is a pleasant change from a legion of songs either threatening one with getting calls from jail (jailan toh phone aunge) or spoiling for a fight to choose a place and time to sort out all doubts (jagah teri, time tera, daang meri, veham tera).

After a multitude of songs glorifying guns and gangs, Punjabis, known for swearing freely — in anger, joy and sorrow — seem to be finally paying heed to a song urging them not to use expletives.

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