CM Lies From Press Conference Exposed, There Is NO Evidence Against Jaggi Johal

NIA seek 90 day extension against Jaggi and other Singhs attempting to frame a conspiracy case. The Indian security services continue to violate due processes. Jagtar Singh Johal was not even presented in court where the NIA argued for an extension.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) of India has sought 90 days extension for filing charge sheet in 3 cases being investigated by the agency in Punjab. The NIA has sought 90 days extension against Taljit Singh Jimmy, Hardeep Singh Shera and Ramandeep Singh Bagga for presenting chargesheet in case no. RO8/DLI/17. Similarly, in case no. RC/22/DLI/17 the MA has sough 90 days extension to present chargesheet against arrested Scottish citizen Jagtar Singh Jaggi. The agency has also sought 90 days extension in RC/27/DLIA.7 to present chargesheet against Taljit Singh Jimmy.
Being in police detention in India for a few days can have a detrimental effect on a persons mind and body. Jaggi has been in this situation for 97 days now. In this period he has had his human rights violated when he was physically tortured and has continuously been mentally tortured. Jaggi has also seen his legal rights violated when he was presented in court 3 times without legal representation when Punjab police and the NIA either didn’t inform his lawyer of the court hearing or the judge was too weak to reprimand the officers of law enforcement. To date, Jaggi has yet to have an independent medical which has been lobbied for on several occasions.
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