CM of Punjab Using Jaggi Johal as a scapegoat to attack Canada and UK

Since coming into power of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh has been on a mission to do as he pleases and putting his self interests first. This has seen the CM of Punjab restarting “gunda raaj”. In April we seen him refusing to meet Defence Minister of Canada, Harjit Singh Sajjan during his visit. Since then he has been making ludicrous accusations against Justin Trudeau and his party of supporting Khalistani’s. With the upcoming visit of Justin Trudeau just a few weeks away, we have seen the return of the topic of Khalistan emerging from within India. The CM is intent on blaming Canada, USA and UK for this insurgency and takes to blame for anything. He has tried to create a wedge between these countries.

In the UK, he has an agenda against the Sikh Federation and has pleaded with the UK Government to ban them. To further his agenda against the UK he had British citizen Jagtar Johal, illegally arrested and detained in custody and allowed Punjab police to torture him. Now the case of Jagtar Johal is too large for him to control he passed it off to the NIA despite claiming in a large media press conference he had all the evidence to convict. If this was really the case then all those who were accused of these crimes would have been charged by now. Instead it is approaching 100 days in detention for the 4 accused and there has been no charge sheet filed. This has been a clear case of Captain Amarinder Singh using his seat in power to do as he pleases and taking no accountability for his actions.

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