Hindu Godman held for raping 7-year-old in Uttar Pradesh

A godman was arrested for raping a seven-year-old girl in Kannauj’s Dandaurd Khurd town in Uttar Pradesh on Friday. The girl, who was admitted to a local hospital on Thursday night, is still undergoing treatment. Her condition is said to be critical, according to police.

The incident came to light after the girl was found near a hut belonging to the godman. She also gave the description of the accused, saying the man who raped her sported a big beard and moustache. Subsequently, the police raided the premises and arrested the godman.

Police said the girl had been missing ever since she went to attend ‘Bhagwat katha’ in the neighbourhood. When her family members spotted her near the accused godman’s abode, there was blood on her clothes, the police added.

Doctors treating the girl told the police that her external wounds are being treated, but they were still ascertaining whether she sustained any internal injury.

According to police, as her condition remained critical, a team of doctors has been planning to refer her to Kanpur for further treatment. The girl had complained of being hit with a stick. Doctors suspect that the girl may have been attacked by more than one person.

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