Controversial statement of Muslim Preacher

Disturbing video….in which a extreme preacher ‘justifies’ child rape….this represents a minority view and should not be taken as view of a community

The FIRST element of Dharam (faith) is Daya (compassion) …..without it…one cannot be truly spiritual/religious …….. this why we need to do more Sikhi parchar and save humanity from a minority of bad people


We recently came across a video of the Islamic preacher Mohammed Hobolos during one of his lectures in Australia. During one section of the lecture, Hobolos zealously emphasises that a child rapist who prays on a daily basis is more favourable in the eyes of God then an individual who neglects prayer.

While the majority of muslims would consider this a vile and radical interpretation, a significant number actually sympathise with Hobolos. Across the UK countless Sikh girls
have been raped and prostituted by Pakistani grooming gangs who have justified their horrendus actions on this basis.

Via : Sikh Channel and Sikh Youth Birmingham

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