Indian officials have tried to plant informants in Gurdwara

Rajwinder Singh an Indian Born Sikh living in Uk for past decade is the first to appear and share his views. Upon being questioned by the presenter, the guest says Indian Sikh’s outside of India over exaggerate events in Punjab. His family all stay in Punjab and have never been harassed by anybody in law enforcement. He also claims Sikh’s in Punjab are under no threat from anybody.

The thoughts of Rajwinder Singh are then challenged by a Nishan Singh who is also an Indian born Sikh now living in UK. Nishan Singh simply asks Rajwinder Singh to do some research and everything will be clear as day. We hear from Nishan Singh talking about the situation surrounding Jagtar Singh and the Chennai 6. We hear how certain Indian officials have attempted to buy Gurdwara leaders and followers to sell them information and treat them as spies.

The next guest to appear is a Harmandir Singh who says Sikh views are often ignored by Indian officials and they must be willing to respect the decision made by the communicate as a whole. This guest is seeking an open dialogue with the India government to discuss their issues as a whole.

Finally we hear from Dabinderjit Singh who talks about the impact of the Gurdwara ban imposed across the world. The thoughts of those imposing the ban and those of the Deputy Indian High Commmissioner are compared. It is revealed that people close to Dinesh Patnaik is a confrontational person and he created fake news in regards to visiting a prominent Gurdwara in Southall, a day after reports of the ban were released and not being in full effect yet.

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