Launch of a new project by the Blood Bank Society

Chandigarh, 1st August Tuesday, 2017 (Kulbir Singh Kalsi): Deeply concerned about the rapidly deteriorating environment, the Blood Bank Society is launching a new project in villages surrounding Chandigarh, from August 1 to 10, 2017.
‘LIKE PLANTS, BLOOD DONORS NURTURE LIFE…..DONATE BLOOD’ is the theme of a tree planting drive being undertaken in 12 villages under the UT administration.
The saplings procured are of fruit trees so as to also provide nourishment.
Blood donors of the village, along with members of the Blood Bank Society and the panchayat will undertake the planting.
This opportunity will also be used to create awareness about THALASSEMIA prevention to enable the villagers to protect themselves against this dreaded blood disorder that is prevalent in this region.
Specially made information boards will be put up at prominent spots along with addressing the residents about how this disorder can be prevented.
Caring for the planet and its resources has always been an important concern for the Blood Bank Society and the entire blood donor community.
>This project is jointly sponsored by the Blood Bank Society and the MINNO Sambhi Service for THALASSEMIC children in collaboration with the Panchayats.

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